Soul Planning

Soul Planning is based on Ancient Hebrew Numerology, from the Sefer Yetzirah, along with a method of gematria from Dr Frank Alper which was then developed by Blue Marsden, founder of the Holistic Healing College.


The reading is done by working with your birth name exactly as it stands on your birth certificate. To read more you can visit the Soul Plan site:

Soul Planning is a system which opens doorways to information about your current life. It shows the challenges, talents and goals which your soul has decided for this life and we read this in terms of energetic influences. A Soul Plan Reading will help to give clarification on these choices and help you to realign with your soul's plan.

I have been familiar with the Soul Plan system for several years, but have only become trained as a practitioner more recently with the Holistic Healing College. I find the system to be very accurate and insightful because it helps to give you a new perspective on the challenges you face in your life, as well as recognising your talents and getting more clarity on your greater life goals.

Before the reading I will ask for your full birth name and then I will prepare the chart and the reading before we meet. During the session I will give you the chart and explain the information I got for each area of the chart and you will have a chance to discuss the themes if you wish. We also have the option to do a 'grace clearing' to help clear any blockages that may stop you from being fully connected with your Soul's Plan. However, just by being aware of your Soul Plan you will naturally become more aligned with it.